C++ Sources

Some programs made by me. Only the source is avalable here. To get the program see the Products page in my main site. If you want more information, click on "Get the program" link - if there is one.
Some of them are not very useful stuff, but beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. But then again, you don't know whether they are useful or not. Why not try them out. There is a small problem though. The programs are DOS Executables. Hope you don't have a problem with that.

Batch ToolKit Batch ToolKit is a collection of DOS programs for people who are still in love with DOS and makes Batch script(or DOS Shell scripts, if you prefer). This will make you life a lot more easier. Get the program. batch_tk.zip 18.1 KB
BDBD is a `dir` replacement. What this program does is that it displays the contents of the specified folder in a colourful and more understandable way. BD displays files of different types in different colours, letting you see at a glance which files are executable, which are documents, directories etc. Get the program.bd.zip6 KB
BDirA new dimension to the 'dir' command in Dos - BDir. Provides a grahical display for dir.bdir.zip1.87 KB
Tic Tac ToeThe Game Tic Tac Toe(or Nots And Crosses). Human vs Computer, Human vs Human options available.game.zip6.19 KB
Scan JokeFakes a Scan disk reporting a Virus at start up. A practical joke.joke.zip3.24 KB
Boot RecorderRecords the computer's booting and shutdown times. Get the program.recorder.zip8.58 KB
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