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Using Variables in Associative Arrays
I ran into this problem when I tried to insert a variable into the value part of an associative array(or hash) in Tcl. Apparently, in this situation the variable substitution does not take place...

I have written an excellent(at least in my highly unbiased opinion) tutorial for Tcl/Tk - if you are new to this language, I would highly recommend it.

You need the Tcl/Tk compiler to run this program - it is a Tcl script and not an executable file. So you need the interpreter to run it. A free interpreter can be downloaded from Indexer will need Iwidget 4.0 to run. Please make sure that it is available. It is available with the Tcl interpreter in the latest versions.


Indexer V 1.00.D
I have created a program in Tcl/Tk which can prove very useful for Web designers, HTML coders or people interested in Tcl/Tk. Indexer makes an HTML index(list) of all selected files. This is extremely useful for Web Designers, Web Developers or those with a large collection of HTML Files. All you have to do is select all the files to be indexed and chose how the index should be made. Then select the file where the index should be written to and the program will do the rest. It will find the relative links to the specified files and write the index in specified format.
RI 2.00.A
RI loads the file given at command line and using its extension to recognize the language, runs its interpreter and displays the output in the text window. Just load your script in this program and run it to see the results in its text window. You can also configure multiple interpreters for one language and run any interpreter from that list. Also included is an option to set a debugger for the language. One can also open the editor for your script from the program.
TagView V 2.01.A
Give a Tcl/Tk file as the command line argument and this script will find all the functions in it and display the function and the line number and also the description if one is provided in the script.
If any function is double-clicked, it will be opened in an external editor with the selected procedure as the selected line.
GetFrequent V 1.04.C
This tiny utility will download a given list of URLs from the net and store it in a given folder. This is very useful if there is a regular pages you visit all the time you access the net - like the Top 10 Movies list or the News page or something like that. Just add all those urls to this program and it will automatically download all those files and store it in a specified folder.
SimplePlanner V 2.00.A
A planner that will write the plans and the date they were made in to specified Text file. Can read the plans, add new ones, finish existing ones etc. Useful if you have a lot of plans and want a simple system to document them all...
UseNet Archive Reader V 3.00.A
UseNet Archive Reader is a small script that will traverse through archived Comp.Lang.Tcl files available from and display the results in a user understandable way. Very useful when trying to learn Tcl/Tk by looking at old Comp.Lang.Tcl posts.
FileOpera V 1.00.A

A front end for multiple Tcl scripts for operation on any text file. This is intended for use by people who know how to program in Tcl/Tk. All the scripts in the 'Operation' folder can be activated from this script.
A main feature of the program is its ability to convert perl script to Tcl-Tk script. Just load the perl script in the main window(using the 'Open' button) and click the 'Perl2Tcl' button. The program will convert your perl script to a Tcl script.

This program has a very basic problem. There is no 'correct' way to program in perl.

There's no correct way to write Perl. A Perl script 
is correct if it's halfway readable and gets the job done 
before your boss fires you.
	-- Programming Perl

I have a Perl writing style that could be very different from your style. So if this script converts my perl script correctly, there is no guaranty that it could take on you style of writing. So for best results, every user must customize this script for their on use.

Pre-Release - Under Construction Programs

In accordance with the Open Source Philosophy of releases(early and often), I am putting a list of programs that I am currently working on. Any help on any of these programs are highly appreciated.

GaF Replacer - Download
A script that replaces all instances of a specified regular expression in a file.
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