PHP Articles

Using PHP Short Tags
PHP Short Tags refers to '<?' when a full tag is '<?php'. Most PHP installations has short tags support - but there are a few installations that have turned it off. So it is recommended that you don't use the short tags in your app if you plan to distribute it.
Capture the Output of an Included File
It is possible to capture the output of an include to a variable. This is useful for caching and code generation. I found this feature when I was creating a code generation script for IFrame.
Path of the Current File in PHP
There are various methods of find the path of the current file in PHP. But the problem is to find one that is consistent across all servers. The following is a list of the most commonly used methods to find the location of the current file. The definitions are taken from the PHP manual(Predefined Variables) and are modified slightly.
Curl Function in GoDaddy Hosting
Using the Curl Function in GoDaddy Hosting - this is tricky as GoDaddy is using a proxy server.
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