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xml2array() parses the given XML document and return the data in an associative array.

See Demo.


xjx.load("file.xml",function(xmlDoc) {
	var arr = xml2array(xmlDoc);
	// Do what you want with 'arr'

xjx Or Xml aJaX is a small library I wrote to load external XML files using the XMLHTTPRequest method. Based on the jx Ajax library. You don't have to use this library to parse the XML file - just load the XML file using the method you are most comfortable with and then call the xml2array function with the XML object as the argument.


The code is given in the xml2array.js file. It is a bit ugly - but it gets the job done. This file also includes the code for the xjx library and the dump function(Javascript equivalent of PHP's print_r function).

The code is somewhat big(100 lines of code) so I am not putting it in this page - just have a look at the js file for the code.


There are some problems with the script - but this just the first release so it is to be expected.

I have only tested the script in the following browsers. Please let me know how the script worked in other browser's.

Another problem is that the scripts runs into trouble when such details like XML version(<?xml version="1.0"?>) or stylesheet information(<?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="softwares.xsl" ?>) or some other extra infomation like <!DOCTYPE programs SYSTEM "softwares.dtd"> is there in the XML file. I am hopping this will not be much of a problem as this script is aimed for use with Ajax responses in XML format - so we can safely assume that there will not be any 'stylesheet' information in it ;-). If you find any solution for this problem, please let me know - my email is


I was hoping that I could get this script to work in Actionscript. I don't 'know' actionscript per se - I know javascript and assume that I could code in Actionscript as they have very similar syntax. Unfortunately, the script fails in Actionscript - some problem with the whitespace Regular Expression. If any of you know actionscript, please take a look at the script and if you could get it working in Flash, drop me a line at .


This script is released in the GPL license.

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