PHP Benchmarking Script - Timer

Time the execution of your script using this simple script.

I made a small and simple benchmarking script to time a rather processor intensive script I developed lately. I wrapped it inside a class in case I have the need to use it again.

class Timer {
	var $start_time = 0;
	var $end_time = 0;
	function Timer($start=0) {
		if($start) $this->start();
	function start() {
		$timeparts = explode(' ',microtime());
		$this->start_time = $timeparts[1].substr($timeparts[0],1);
	function stop($show=1,$decimal_place=8) {
		$timeparts = explode(" ",microtime());
		$this->end_time = $timeparts[1].substr($timeparts[0],1);
		if($show) $this->display($decimal_place);
	function display($decimal_place=8) {
		echo number_format(bcsub($this->end_time,$this->start_time,6),$decimal_place);
		echo "s";

You can call the script like this...

$T = new Timer();

// ... do whatever that must be timed ...

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