getElementsBySelector - CSS Query Selector for HTML DOM
getElementsBySelector is a python function which takes a standard CSS style selector and returns an array of elements objects from the document that match that selector. This is a frequently used function in JavaScript - if you use a library. Its kind of meaning less to have this function in the server side - unless you are doing screen-scarping. Then its very useful. Recently, I had to work on a Django app that does a bit of screen-scrapping - so I created this function to aid me. This is a direct port of my JavaScript getElementsBySelector function.
Frees - GUI Tool to show HardDisk Space Usage in Linux
Frees is a GUI tool that shows the HardDisk space usage. It is written in Python using the GTK2 framework. This will only work in linux as it depends on the 'df' command. Frees just parses the output of df and shows it in a graphical format.
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