Tcl/Tk : TagView V 2.01.A

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Give a script as the command line argument and this script will find all the functions in it and display the function and the line number and also the description if one is provided in the script.
If any function is double-clicked, it will be opened in an external editor with the seclected procedure as the selected line.

Supported Languages

NOTE: Currently only Crimson Editor for MS Windows and Vi for Linux are supported. Will add support for other programs in the future.

Screen Shot
Screen shot of TagView in action


1.00.A - September 29, 2004
First Release

2.00.A - December 17, 2004
Added support for more languages like Perl, C++, C
Optimized the code to run a little faster.
Added support for Unix platform
Added support for Vi Editor
Can see comments

2.00.B - February 02, 2005
Listbox background colour becomes white - not default

2.01.A - February 10, 2005
Exterminated the Resizing bug.
Other Minor Adjustments.
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