All about Web Development and Scripting Languages. The both are very related - most scripting languages are used in Web Development as Server Side Languages like Perl,PHP,Ruby etc. Some are used for client side scripting as in the case of JavaScript.

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15 Mar, 2012 : PHP Watermark Script - This script will let you watermark your photos with ease. It uses the GD library. You'll have to create a PNG image with your watermark and update the script with its location.
08 Jul, 2009 : Posting to Twitter Using the load() Function for PHP - Due to the super simple API that's provided by twitter, its very easy to post to Twitter. And thats made even simpler by using the load() function. As simple as this...
08 May, 2009 : getElementsBySelector - CSS Query Selector for HTML DOM - getElementsBySelector is a python function which takes a standard CSS style selector and returns an array of elements objects from the document that match that selector. This is a frequently used function in JavaScript - if you use a library. Its kind of meaning less to have this function in the server side - unless you are doing screen-scarping. Then its very useful. Recently, I had to work on a Django app that does a bit of screen-scrapping - so I created this function to aid me. This is a direct port of my JavaScript getElementsBySelector function.
22 Apr, 2009 : Pollin WordPress Plugin - Pollin wordpress plugin will let you add polls to your blog. It can be shown to your visitors who will be able to vote in the poll. You can add the poll in a post by including the html comment <!-- POLLIN 1 --> in the post. Here 1 is the ID of the poll to be shown.
21 Mar, 2009 : Quartz WordPress Plugins - Quartz wordpress plugin lets you show random quotes/tips/links/pictures/something to visitors. These quotes can be added from the admin side. You can add the quotes one by one - or you can bulk import the stuff from a text file.


A Tcl(Tutorial for Cool Languages) for Tcl/Tk
Beginner's Tutorial for CGI Perl Language
Abridged Perl/Tk Tutorial
ABC of JavaScript : An Interactive JavaScript Tutorial
Advanced JavaScript Tutorial


C++ - A fast, powerful and popular language.
HTML and some related things like DHTML, JavaScript, CSS etc.
Perl - A powerful language that could be used for just about anything.
Tcl/Tk - Very useful for creating GUI applications.
Shell Scripting in Windows, Dos, UNIX and Linux.

There is a DataBase that has all the programs that I made in these languages. It is created using the XML technology and the interface is created using the DOM scripting feature of JavaScript. Without further ado, I present Binny's Software DataBase

I have studied some languages by reading some tutorials or help files and some by looking at other's code. My preferred way of studying some language is by studying someone's code. So, if any one is interested in studying a language by seeing the code, you are welcome to my site. It is for this purpose that I have created this site. You can get my scripts from this site. You are also given the right to modify and use the code.

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