Quartz WordPress Plugin

Quartz wordpress plugin lets you show random quotes/tips/links/pictures/something to visitors. These quotes can be added from the admin side. You can add the quotes one by one - or you can bulk import the stuff from a text file.

The most apparent use of the plugin is to show random quotes to your visitors. Something like the famous Hello Dolly plugin - but for the client side. It also useful to show small tips - say you are running a linux blog. You can insert useful linux commands with a small description about it into the quotes database - and the visitors will see random linux commands when they visit a new page. You can even upload image and add that to the database - users will the a random image on each visit.

Beta Release - expect bugs.


Quartz Plugin


Comments/Suggestion/Support Questions?

I have set up a forum called Quartz WordPress Plugin. Please use that to post your questions.

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