Pollin WordPress Plugin
Pollin wordpress plugin will let you add polls to your blog. It can be shown to your visitors who will be able to vote in the poll. You can add the poll in a post by including the html comment <!-- POLLIN 1 --> in the post. Here 1 is the ID of the poll to be shown.
Quartz WordPress Plugins
Quartz wordpress plugin lets you show random quotes/tips/links/pictures/something to visitors. These quotes can be added from the admin side. You can add the quotes one by one - or you can bulk import the stuff from a text file.
Autofields WordPress Plugins
AutoFields Plugin will auto fill the Excerpt and add an Image custom field based on the data you entered into the contents editor. This plugin will set the first paragraph of the content as the excerpt and take the first image(if there are any) and set it as the ‘Image’ custom field(needed for some themes - like Mimbo - my theme). When you hit the publish button, it will check to make sure that excerpt and Image custom field are filled. If not, it will ask you to confirm before publishing the post.
Surveys WordPress Plugin
Surveys WordPress plugin lets you add surveys to your blog. You can let the visitors take surveys and see the result from the admin side. The user who take the survey can enter their details at the end of the survey - or leave it as an anonymous result.
Quizzin - WordPress Plugin For Quiz Creation
Quizzin lets you add quizzes to your blog. This plugin is designed to be as easy to use as possible. Quizzes, questions and answers can be added from the admin side. This will appear in your post if you add a small HTML snippet in your post.
Eventr - Event Registration Plugin for WordPress
Eventr, a Event Registration Plugin for WordPress lets you use your blog as an event management tool. You can create an event - the plugin will let people register for the event - it can also show a list of all the attendees. Once the event is done, you can deactivate the event and no more sign ups will be allowed.
Remote Database Backup WordPress Plugin
Remote Database Backup wordpress plugin creates SQL dumps of your wordpress database. It is based on the WordPress Database Backup plugin - but it removes some of the security restrictions in the plugin to enable automated remote backups.
URL Lister Firefox Plugin
URL Lister is a Firefox Plugin that shows the URLs of all the open tabs in a textarea so that it can be copied easily.
Article Templates WordPress Plugin
Article Templates plugin lets you create templates that can be used when writing a new post or page. This will be very useful if you are writing many post with the same structure.
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